"Made in Danube" - Policy Dialog Event

Made in Danube is a strategic project implemented by the INTERREG Danube Transnational Programme co-financed by European Union funds(ERDF, IPA). Its objective is to promote Bioeconomy in the Danube Region by supporting 3 viable innovation hubs in the field of forestry, agriculture and biofuel. Innovation and technological progress are driving forces for strengthening competitiveness of enterprises. It makes an economy able to rapidly adapt to changing market conditions.
For creating economic value and social prosperity, production research has to generate knowledge sensitive to society’s needs and transferable “just in time” to the economic environment by innovative solutions for products and processes.
The goal of the Forum is to discover, develop, and disseminate best practice, robust, accessible, applied theory in the areas of innovation and general management.
We judge our success by our ability to shape debate and to make a difference in the lives of general managers by bringing useful new approaches to bear on their most critical growth and innovation challenges, to put together research and business environments to find solutions.
Our goal is not so much to teach our community what to think, but rather to continually better understand how to think.


Data: 24 Mai 2018
Locatie: Bucuresti
Domeniu: Bioeconomie

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Universitatea Politehnica din București/Romania

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