Second Policy Dialogue and EUSDR PAs’ Cross-fertilisation Workshop: Competitiveness and Innovation for Long - lasting Transnational Collaboration in the Danube Region’s Bio-economy field

The Romanian Ministry of Research and Innovation, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (national coordinator for the EUSDR) and benefiting from the direct contribution and support of Zentrum for Social Innovation - ZSI (Austria) and Steinbeis Europa Zentrum - SEZ (Germany), is organizing within the implementation of the “Made in Danube” project a policy dialogue workshop as an opportunity for cross-fertilization and fruitful dialogue between the following Danube Strategy Priority Areas: PA2 (Sustainable Energy), PA4 (Water Quality), PA6 (BioDiversity and Landscapes), PA7 (Knowledge Society), PA8 (Competitiveness of Enterprises) and PA9 (People and Skills). The event will also contribute to the debate on key challenges, needs and requirements for developing a bio-economy concept for the region while also contributing to the creation of a common understanding of the “Innovation and Technology Transfer priorities” and thus supporting long-lasting transnational collaboration in bio-economy in the Danube Region (the workshop will continue and complement the debate started at the previous workshop within the framework of the “Made in Danube” project, organized by the Croatian Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds and the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts in Zagreb on 26th September 2018).

Data: 02 Noiembrie 2018
Locatie: Bucharest

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Aurora Marinela PATRICHE
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MINISTRY OF RESEARCH AND INNOVATION Bucharest, District 1, D.I.Mendeleev 21-25 Street, 5th Floor, Hall 301


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